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Decorative Ribbon

Wide variety of Decorative Ribbon for gifts. Give your gifts a special touch with our decorative ribbons, you can decorate your gifts with colored ribbons and original designs. At Pakot we have several types of decorative ribbons:

    • Textile tapes
    • Natural Raffia
    • Polypropylene Tape

With any of our decorative ribbons you can make: bows and bows for gifts, decorate boxes and you can also use it to decorate your bouquets of flowers.

Our rolls of decorative tape will offer you a large number of uses, since we have rolls from 20 to 500 meters. Choose the textile tape that best suits your needs. You can use it for any type of occasion since we have decorative ribbons for any event: ribbons for Christmas, Valentine’s Day …

If what you are looking for are already manufactured adhesive ties, we encourage you to visit the following category: gift ties