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Displays for Paper and Polypropylene Coils

10 Models of Exhibitors for your wrapping paper or polypropylene reels. You can find vertical or horizontal roll holders with a capacity of up to 10 reels.

Gift paper roll holder

Paper holder to cut wrapping paper and polypropylene. Offer your customers the possibility of wrapping your products and cutting to size with our roll holder.

Paper reel holder

Reel holder for 70 cm wrapping paper rolls.

105,59 (IVA Excl.)
128,12 (IVA Excl.)
201,79 (IVA Excl.)
182,30 (IVA Excl.)
155,58 (IVA Excl.)
134,54 (IVA Excl.)
135,27 (IVA Excl.)
215,33 (IVA Excl.)
157,73 (IVA Excl.)
198,88 (IVA Excl.)