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Gift Wrapping Paper Rolls with Original Designs

Our Gift Wrapping Paper Rolls are an ideal option for wrapping all the gifts for your family and friends. We have original gift wrapping paper designs for special events such as: Christmas, Three Kings, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. 
In our catalogue you will find a wide variety of: children’s wrapping paper, metallised, 100% recycled paper… Find yours!

Gift Wrapping Paper Rolls for Stores

Our gift wrapping paper rolls are optimised for use in shops and shops. Our rolls are available in 50, 100 and 200 metre lengths. Thanks to this length you can wrap without fear of running out of paper. As a manufacturer, we can offer wholesale gift wrapping paper of the highest quality and at low prices.
In short, whether you are an end consumer or a retailer, we have the ideal product for your needs.

Wide variety of wrapping paper

At Pakot you will find a wide range of different gift wrapping paper. On our website we have more than 1000 products in stock. Among them: kraft paper, tissue paper and polypropylene/cellophane. We have the best solutions for the packaging of your products.