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Polypropylene Coils – Transparent cellophane

Wide variety of polypropylene coils with different colors and designs. Polypropylene is a waterproof and lightweight material, it is also a raw material that can be 100% transparent or with different colors and patterns. These characteristics allow us to create colors and designs for any occasion.

Uses of polypropylene

With these polypropylene rolls you can:

    • Wrapping gifts and products
    • Packaging or decorative packaging
    • Wrapping bouquets of flowers
    • Wrapping gift baskets

We have designs for: Christmas, Kings, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter … Find the one that best suits you!

Coil measurements:

    • Coil width: 70cm
    • Total Meters / Coil: 50M
    • Bag of sheets cut to 70cm x 1m