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Neutral Polypropylene Rolls – Transparent

Neutral polypropylene to be used as raw material: Matte Polypropylene – Metallized Polypropylene – Pearlescent Polypropylene – Transparent Polypropylene.

Transparent Polypropylene is commonly called Cellophane Paper although in reality its chemical composition is not the same.

Polypropylene coils as raw material

These transparent polypropylene spools are made in such a way that you can work with them as raw materials. Thanks to the quality of this material you can add your designs or corporate colors.

At Pakot we have different sizes and finishes. Choose the ones you need and if you need a specific amount, contact us through our customer service phone or the contact section of the web. We can customize any roll of polypropylene or cellophane.

Neutral Polypropylene

Matt Polypropylene Raw Material


Double sided polypropylene

Roll Pearly Polypropylene Raw Material